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The team at Monochrome comes from a diverse set of backgrounds, ranging from aerospace to medical technology to art history to small business management to restaurant ownership.   We all share the belief that you are never too old to reinvent yourself and do something totally different if the spirit moves you.  These life experiences undoubtedly contribute to our creative and unconventional  take on wine and winemaking.

David McGee

David McGee (Owner / Winemaker)
Dave has enjoyed multiple careers, involving fields as diverse as radar design, stealth aircraft technology, interventional neuroradiology, orthopedic surgery, and cardiac electrophysiology. He has been listed as an inventor on over 65 patents. More recently, he started making wine in his garage in about 2010, completed the online version of UC Davis’ winemaking program, and worked as a cellar rat for a few harvests at Villa Creek and Alta Colina wineries in Paso Robles before starting Monochrome in 2016. 

Erin McGee  (Owner / Marketing Coordinator)
Erin was a driving force in the decision to start Monochrome and to focus exclusively on white wines.  She handles many of the background activities at Monochrome, including bookkeeping, paying bills, designing the tasting room, brainstorming marketing ideas and giving the final thumbs up / thumbs down to each vintage’s wine blends.  Prior to co-founding Monochrome, Erin studied art history and was a small business owner / operator.

Elliott Decker  (Tasting Room Lead)
Elliott has done a lot of things in a many parts of the world, including starting and operating a restaurant in Singapore and working at Emercy winery here in Paso Robles.