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Earthen Fare

2020 Center Tone

2020 Earthen Fare

64% Marsanne, 36% Grenache Gris

In our high-tech, newer-is-always-better world, sometimes it is good to go back to our roots. Like way, way back. This wine (well, the Marsanne component, which is 64% of it) was fermented and aged in an earthenware amphora, which is basically a large handmade clay pot. An amphora is what people used to make wine back when people first started making wine, about six or eight thousand years ago. It doesn’t impart the oaky flavor that a new barrel would, but instead provides a bit of minerality due to the clay contact. We blended in some Grenache Gris for a bit of color, texture and unique flavors.

92 Points – Purely Domestic Wine Report