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Back-to-School 4-Pack

Back-to-School 4-Pack

After months (years? decades?) of at-home learning, the kids are FINALLY getting out of the house and going back to the classrooms. Time to celebrate! So for all of you parents / grandparents / zookeepers looking forward to having your house / quiet / sanity back, we have a special offer (at a special price) to help celebrate the occasion.

For a limited time (August 17-20) Monochrome is offering a Back-To-School 4-Pack at 25% off. The 4-Pack consists of:

  • 1 bottle 2019 Barrel Distortion (Albariño) (92 points) (this might be your last opportunity to get this wine, as there are only a few bottles left and we are no longer pouring it in the tasting room)
  • 1 bottle 2019 Neither Here Nor There (Chenin Blanc / Sauvignon Blanc) (91 points)
  • 1 bottle 2018 Sense Of Out Of Place (Sauvignon Blanc / Chardonnay) (93 points)
  • 1 bottle 2018 Wall Of Sound (Roussanne / Viognier) (93 points)
  • 1 box, into which you can scream if things change and the kids DON’T end up going back to the classroom after all!

Disclaimers: This is a special offer, so NO SUBSTITUTIONS. List price is $164 ($123 with discount, not including taxes or shipping). Club discounts do not apply on top of this discount and this may not be counted as a club shipment. If you are planning to pick up your 4-Pack at the tasting room, please arrange to do so within two weeks of the order (I cannot guarantee the availability of all the wines in the tasting room beyond that).  NOTE:  We can only ship wine to the following states:  CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV, CO, TX, MN, MO, WI, IL, FL, DC, NY