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2017 Altered Images

52% Chardonnay • 48% Chenin Blanc

The images of both Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc have been changing in California. Chardonnay has gone from “all butter, all oak, all the time” to the opposite end of the spectrum (unoaked, stainless-only versions) and is now occupying all points in-between. Chenin Blanc, meanwhile, has gone from a respected variety to “jug wine fodder” and is now working its way back to respectability. This wine encompasses and expands upon those trends: it combines Chardonnay that was fermented and aged in an earthenware amphora (to provide minerality and vibrancy) and Chenin Blanc that was fermented and aged in neutral French oak barrels (to provide smoothness and acidity). 89 Points - Wine Enthusiast

Monochrome Wines Paso Robles, CA Altered Images wine bottle