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Barrel Distortion / Production details

2016 Barrel Distortion

100% Albariño


• 100% Albariño, Plum Orchard Lane Vineyard, Templeton Gap District

• 13.6% alcohol

• pH = 3.57, TA = 6.4 g/l, L-malic acid = 2.75 g/l

• 96% barrel fermented (53% stainless steel, 43% neutral French oak, 4% fermented on skins)

• Aged on lees for eight months prior to bottling


• Fruit harvested on September 15, 2016

• Whole cluster pressed

• A small amount of juice and skins were transferred to a variable-capacity stainless steel tank for skin fermentation

• The remainder of the juice was transferred to settling tank for 48 hour cold settling

• Juice was divided in to small lots, each with different protocols, as follows:

   -1 neutral French oak barrel, clarified juice, fermented cool using Vin13 yeast

   -1 stainless steel barrel, clarified juice, fermented cool using Aroma White yeast

   -1 stainless steel variable-capacity tank, juice fermented on skins, fermented warm using native yeasts

• Upon completion of fermentation, the skin-fermented lot was pressed off the skins, settled, and returned to the tank

• Following primary fermentation, SO2 was administered to block secondary malolactic (ML) fermentation

• All lots were aged on their lees until bottling (approximately eight months).  Lees were stirred frequently in the first month following fermentation (2X per week), and less frequently in subsequent months.

Monochrome Wines Paso Robles, CA wine bottle
2016 Barrel Distortion

100% Albariño