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Barrel Distortion

2016 Barrel Distortion

100% Albariño

Barrel Distortion is a term associated with camera lens design, but it also works for this wine. Most Albariños are made to be light, crisp, and aromatic, and are typically produced in large stainless steel tanks. We aimed for something a bit different, so we fermented and aged nearly all the wine in neutral oak and stainless steel barrels, and left it on its lees for about eight months. We also added in four percent that had been fermented on its skins (much as a red wine would be produced). The result is a wine that maintains the crisp, vibrant and aromatic character for which Albariño is known, but adds in a bit more structure and mouthfeel, plus some interesting notes from the skin-fermented component. 91 Points - Wine Enthusiast; 92 Points - The Wine Write

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